Transcripted 3.4

Transcripted 3.4

Transcripted is a retro arcade shooter that combines two popular game genres
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History’s greatest battles have always been fought at scales too small for the human eye to see. The microcosm is a violent, chaotic world, where the struggle for existence rages between countless organisms every second of every day… until now.

The game has changed -a disease unlike anything in nature has recently been discovered infecting humans, and is spreading fast. This xeno pathogen is unrecognizable to scientists. It is either an alien virus, or the masterwork of a brilliantly twisted nano-engineer wielding an evil sense of humor. The xeno pathogen is immune to traditional methods of treatment; only the most cutting edge weapons have any hope of stopping the disease before it reaches epidemic proportions.

Transcripted puts you in control of the Nano Probe- a microscopic, experimental device that can penetrate the smallest chasms of the body to seek out and destroy pathogens wherever they may be hiding.

Like a miniscule master assassin, the Nano Probe is equipped with advanced prototypical weaponry from laser blasters to homing rockets to help it destroy its quarry. Take control of the Nano Probe to annihilate this threat before it wipes humanity from the face of the earth. You, and the Nano Probe, may be all that stand between mankind and total extinction.



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